Git GUI client for Gitlab

This lesson shows you a GUI client that you can use when using a Gitlab repository.

Activity Type Lesson
Expected duration 15 minutes
Topic Git GUI client for Gitlab
Objective Show a Git GUI client option when using GitLab repositories

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You have for sure used git before, and you have normally used Github as the host for your repository. Our intention is to show you that there are other good hosts options in the market. For this class we will use Gitlab. But unlike Github, Gitlab does not have a Git GUI client. A Git GUI client is the program that you install in your computer, that lets you control the workflow of you repository with graphical tools.

Github GUI CLient.

So, what are your options when you do not have a GUI client? Well, you can use the console, and the console commands. Many people feel comfortable using that black screen where you type commands.

Git console

If you have good memory you would feel completely fine using the console, but if you don't you will probably expend a lot of time fighting with your own repository.

Another option is to use the IDE integrated git tools. In which you can normally do any of the things that you in the git console. Like the following picture that shows how to access the Android Studio version controller.

Example of Android Studio Git control

If you feel that you need an extra tool to manage your repository, because none of the other options makes you feel comfortable, GitKraken could be the answer. Is a free Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you have the GitHub Student Pack you can use the pro version, but the free version is enough for the moment.

GitKraken will allow you to manage your repository in a really easy graphical way. You can manage GitHub, GitLab and bitbucket repositories from there. Watch this video to get started:

And stay alert about the new GitKraken feature GitKraken Glo:

Version Author Date
1.0 Sergio Yodeb Velasquez Yepes February 11, 2018

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